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Valley of Fire State Park Weddings

This native territory was once considered a sacred and spiritual meeting place. We still consider it to be so. You’ll understand once you're encompassed by the peaceful, enchanting spirit of this land the minute you step foot from the limo. Brilliant colors and unusual shapes of sandstone rocks make this park one of the most romantic places to get married in Las Vegas.

Dedicated in 1935, the Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada’s oldest state park. It was formed during the dinosaur age from shifting sand dunes and years of erosion.

The views and colors are spectacular, but what really distinguishes this park are the unusual shapes and the notable energy. Appropriately named after their shape, Elephant Rock and Arch Rock are the most distinct. Other points of interest in the park are Rainbow Vista so named for the named panoramic view of multicolored sandstone. The Seven Sisters, a collection of seven large rocks grouped together and are fascinatingly jutting into the sky. The Cabins built from sandstone in the 1930s for travelers passing by are quite intriguing as well.

Permits must be obtained for Valley of Fire State Park weddings. Vegas Weddings is one of a few wedding chapels entrusted by the state park to perform weddings. Our Valley of Fire State Park wedding packages include the permit and all associated fees. We will also do all the work to obtain the permit so you can just enjoy your event.

Ceremony and photo shoot locations are chosen by the State Park Services and will be determined during the booking process.

Come experience why this is one of the most requested outdoor wedding locations in the Las Vegas area!