We’d love to share this natural wonder with you on your wedding day. It’s a great place to tie the knot as the sprit of this land is quite palpable. It’s a special place and so are you. And so are we! We are one of a select few the Valley of Fire State Park entrusts to perform weddings. It is an honor. Let's honor it together and get some phenomenal photos while we are at it. Destination weddings here are best from Fall through Spring.

The Inside Scoop on Your Wedding Location

Your wedding location is a big  choice. We'll give you the inside scoop. The Valley of Fire is our favorite off-site spot. It's sacred land and that energy is palpable. However, if you want a cheaper outdoor package, but really nice (of course!) we'd recommend one of the garden venues at the Hilton Garden Inn from $899 or a ceremony on The Terrace in our gazebo from $399. See a list of all the outdoor wedding spots here

If you're uncertain about getting married outside, peruse our chapel packages where you can find our greatest value offers which include an outdoor venue, called The Terrace Gazebo. You can see a list of all the places to get married - in or outdoors - here. Best of luck and Congratulations! Chat now for the best guidance you'll get in Vegas.