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Vegas Weddings & COVID-19

Find out how to get married in Vegas during coronavirus, how it is affecting your wedding plans and marriage paperwork.
Great news! You can now safely get married in Las Vegas during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Vegas Weddings, in collaboration with the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce has designed safety protocols for the wedding industry in Las Vegas. These safety protocols follow the current Nevada, Federal government mandates, and Center for Disease Control (CDC) policies and recommendations.

This is what we are doing to protect you, your family,your friends, our staff and keep your wedding in LasVegas safe during COVID-19.

Vegas Weddings has designated individuals who have been specially trained torespond to COVID-19 related issues.

Our staff will not come to work when they have any signs of illness or atemperature exceeding 99.9°F.

There will be a designated employee responsible for overseeing andimplementing ongoing sanitizing procedures in accordance with CDCrecommendations.

Our staff is required to hand sanitize before and after every encounter.

Vegas Weddings will provide hand sanitizer and disposable sanitizing wipes.Should disposable masks be available they will also be provided.

Vegas Weddings will monitor and enforce appropriate social distancing. Therewill be highly visible floor markings a minimum of 6-feet apart. Exceptions aremade only guests live in the same household or traveled together.

Non-essential areas will be blocked off. This includes unnecessary seating andlounge areas.

Staff members will minimize all contact. This includes with all guests, theirmarriage documents and method of payment. Cash payments are discouraged.

Limos and courtesy transportation vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized prior toeach use.

Limos will be limited to 4 people. Courtesy vehicles are limited to 2 people.Nobody will allowed to sit in the front passenger seat.

Drivers will comply with current CDC recommendations regarding protectivegear.

All limos and courtesy vehicles with appropriate sanitizing supplies.

There is a limit of 10 people in any single venue unless they live in the samehousehold or traveled together.

In areas less than 100 sq. ft., such as a dressing rooms guests will be limited toimmediate household members only.

Witnesses, ministers and officiates will sign the necessary documents in adesignated area with sanitized or disposable instruments.

To the extent possible, Vegas Weddings staff will sign as witness to limitcontamination in the handling of marriage documents.

Vegas Weddings staff will only be permitted on premises when they pass thesame entry criteria laid out for everyone below.

Vegas Weddings COVID-19 Safe Entry | What You Need toKnow to Get Inside the Chapel (2 Steps)
1. You must pass a non-invasive temperature check.
Everybody entering Vegas Weddings facilities will be required to complete a non-invasive temperature check. Nobody with a temperature exceeding 99.9°F will beallowed inside. This includes you, your fiancé, all your guests and our staff.

Vegas Weddings entire staff will also be tested upon departure.

What happens if someone’s temperature is above 99.9°F?
They will be asked to leave or immediately directed to a fully isolated area withno further interaction from our staff or the wedding party. It is recommended thatthis person transport themselves to an appropriate medical care facility or anambulance can be called.

Any person having tested with a temperature in excess of 99.9°F will not beallowed on the chapel grounds without a medical certification confirming theyhave been tested for COVID-19 or and are properly medically cleared.

2. Sanitize your hands and don your PPE.

Be sure to check back here for updates. We expect these safety procedures toevolve in order to stay compliant with federal and state mandates as well asCenters for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.

Love will outlast all of this and your wedding will go on! Remember to smile,dance and be well. Congratulations!