How to Get Married in Vegas 2024 (In 3 Steps)

Las Vegas marriage license requirements and everything you need to know about how to get married in Las Vegas in 2024 go here.

1. Save your Wedding Date & Venue for only $100

Use our reserve-a-date feature or select your wedding package to make your $100 payment. This payment will apply to your final balance. 
Your package will include all the traditional elements you’ll need to get married. That means minimal planning. Your part simply looks like sharing your needs and desires with us. We will handle the rest.

Chapel 0 - 100 guests $159 - $2,519 VIEW DETAILS

Outdoor 0 - 100 guests $399 - $4,095 VIEW DETAILS

Reception 25 - 225 guests $2,199 - $14,999 VIEW DETAILS

Drive-Thru 0 - 30 guests $89 - $699 VIEW DETAILS

Please note if you are planning for a reception, a ceremony at the Valley of Fire, the Grand Canyon by Helicopter or similar experience, to save your spot will range between $250 - $1000. The most popular packages only require a small payment for $100 to save your place.

2. Make your Travel Arrangements & Book your Accommodations

We don’t need to explain this to you. You got this. If you are having a wedding and reception for 50 people or more we can offer a 2-night hotel stay for FREE with a Vegas Event Center reservation.

3. Get your Marriage License in Las Vegas

Learn everything you need to know about getting your marriage license in Las Vegas here. We highly recommend you drop off all your marriage license paperwork to Vegas Weddings for safe keeping. You must have this paperwork on the day of your wedding. Vegas Weddings is located catty-corner to the marriage license bureau or right across the street from the parking lot to the licensing bureau. The address is 555 South 3rd Street in Las Vegas, Nevada 89101.