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Las Vegas Marriage Certificate

Las Vegas Marriage Paperwork

Legal paperwork can be so confusing! If you don't know what you need, there are two options. Stop and call us now at 702-933-3464. We'll just do it all for you whether you were married with us or not! The other option is to read through the information below that we've taken much time to clearly lay out so you can place your order online - easily!


If you are not married yet, you need a Las Vegas marriage license.


These Documents in Simple Terms
There are three primary documents that are available after your wedding. One everyone will need and two others that you might need. Below we explain each document so you can determine which are right for you.


First, notice that there two documents below with almost the same name. This often confuses people. You will definitely need a certified copy of your Las Vegas Marriage Certificate. You may or may not need the Certified Las Vegas Marriage License. Pay close attention to these names as they as so similar!

Las Vegas Wedding License Image

Certified Las Vegas Marriage Certificate


IMPORTANT: Everybody will need this document!


After you are married, you will need this document to change your name and for every other major purpose. Simply put, this is the main document you need. It is required by the DMV, Social Security, INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) adoption services.

Las Vegas Marriage License

Certified Las Vegas Marriage License


IMPORTANT: You will only need this in certain cases!


The Certified Las Vegas Marriage License is required for people who’ve been married more than once and wish to change their name. It is also required for military purposes and INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) and adoption services. The Certified Las Vegas Marriage License by itself will not serve as proof of your marriage. If you need this document, you will also need the above document, the Certified Las Vegas Marriage Certificate.

Las Vegas Marriage License ImageApostille (Proof of Marriage for Foreign Citizens Only)


IMPORTANT: This document is for foreign citizens only!


An Apostille and a Certified Las Vegas Marriage Certificate are generally accepted as proof of marriage by most countries. However, we recommend you check with your local officials to ensure the right documents are obtained for your marriage to be recognized in your country. A Certified Las Vegas Marriage certificate is required to facilitate the production of an Apostille. For that reason, one is included in the price and comes with your Apostille order.

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Not married yet? You'll need a Las Vegas marriage license first.